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Welcome to the Live Your Playlist Blog! I hope you’ll love my book, Live Your Playlist: How to Get Your S#&! Together One Song at a Time. As I was writing Live Your Playlist, I realized how much joy I find in writing and telling stories. So, I decided that a regular blog would be a great way for me to interact with you. The stories that I write about on my blog are written in the same spirit as my book... to make you laugh, challenge your way of thinking, and empower you! At the end of each blog, I post a playlist on Spotify. Share your thoughts and comments on my blog page; and feel free to post your playlist suggestions!

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Just Like Heaven

What does heaven look like?It’s a question many of us ask, especially after losing someone you love. I lost my grandmother this week. I called her Nonnie. It was the name she wanted to be called by her grandchildren. There were 14 of us. And in her 87 years on Earth, she ended up with […]

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

“Tell me a story,” he said. He was looking up at me with his beautiful face, dark brown eyes, and long lashes. “What kind of story?” I asked him. “A scary monster story.” Except when he spoke, his 3-year-old diction sounded more like “A scawwy monstuh stowee.” “Are you sure you want me to tell […]

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Things You Need To Know

I used to keep a diary when I was a little girl. It was blue and about the size of a 5’7” hard bound book. My private diary even had a rickety gold lock on the side because I never wanted anyone (my parents) reading my intimate thoughts (who I had a crush on at […]

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Live Your Playlist Video

Hello!This isn’t my usual blog that I mail out every week. But I want to share something exciting with you! It’s a project I’ve been working on with Purple Films Production over the past few months. By now, you know about my writing style and first book, Live Your Playlist. But my background is in […]

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The Beautiful and Damned

People talk a lot. They tell great stories. They make interesting conversation. They offer wisdom. They gossip. They tell you what you want to hear (and sometimes they don’t). They blow smoke up your ass (which you can smile and accept, but should be cautious of). They lie. They tell the truth. They make promises. […]

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