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Live Your Playlist Video


This isn't my usual blog that I mail out every week. But I want to share something exciting with you! It's a project I've been working on with Purple Films Production over the past few months. By now, you know about my writing style and first book, Live Your Playlist. But my background is in television, and I spent two decades telling stories through words and video (I guess you could say that I'm a visual girl!). 

I bought a t-shirt the other day that said, "Create something that will live forever." I met that goal. And I challenge you to do the same.

Check out my video! These are my words... My story... Presented my way. 

This is HOW and WHY I learned to live my playlist... xxoo Andrea



11 comments on “Live Your Playlist Video”

  1. Jay Pillo Reply

    Just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed with you, you put your life’s summary on film, which makes your audience feel even closer to you than before. Not only could we read your emotions, but now we can actually see and feel your whole life, heart and soul. You, Andrea, are an amazing woman and person. Thanks for being my Facebook friend.

    • Andrea Vecchio Andrea Vecchio Reply

      Thank you for this thoughtful and heartfelt comment Jay! I’m very proud of this project. But the most important thing for me is having the opportunity to inspire my readers and viewers to do something rewarding with their lives; and talk people through how to heal from old wounds.

      Have a wonderful day! And thanks for watching my video!


    • Andrea Vecchio Andrea Vecchio Reply


      Thank you for this wonderful message! I think as we go through life’s ups and downs, we become stronger and wiser. And it’s important to pass that wisdom on to others. From Day One in the TV business, I always knew that the best approach was to show my real and genuine side (the good and the flawed). In fact, it’s the only way I know how to be. I didn’t know what challenges I would face. We never do. Often, we wish the bad stuff away. I learned to be grateful for those difficult times. Without them, Live Your Playlist would never have been born. It was a gift to me. And now, I’m learning that it’s helping other people too. How amazing is that?


  2. Natalie Reply

    I love your playlists. You’re a beautiful writer and I look forward to reading your blogs. Nice work.

    • Andrea Vecchio Andrea Vecchio Reply

      What a wonderful compliment! Thank you Natalie :)

      I’m so thrilled to know that my writing resonates with you.


  3. Karen Reply

    This video is so beautifully done and expresses so clearly the growth and character of your young life Andrea. I love it.
    I just started reading Brene Brown’s newest book RISING STRONG that just came out today. I think her thoughts and stories would really resonate with you.

    • Andrea Vecchio Andrea Vecchio Reply

      Thank you Karen! I’m so proud of how the video tells my story; it’s always empowering when you can speak your truth and OWN your words! Thanks for the book suggestions, I’ll have to check it out. I’m always looking for a good read.


  4. Shelly Reply

    I went through a really rough time about 10 years ago similiar circumstance my marriage ended & wasn’t even married a year, was being laid off from my job, etc and you know what saved me was running and my music, everyday, day by day running and listening to my tunes healed me (of course with a lil’ therapy in there…lol) but that’s what saved me so your book is so spot on. Keep up the great work !!!

    • Andrea Vecchio Andrea Vecchio Reply

      Hi Shelly,

      Music is absolutely a healer, motivator, and cause for inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story about how living your playlist got you through a rough time. The best part is that you GOT THROUGH IT! And I bet you’re a wiser woman after all of those experiences. Keep passing on your lessons!


  5. Kathleen Reply

    SO incredibly proud of my big sis!! The video looks great Andrea!!! You are a shooting star!!! …don’t you know 😉 xx

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